Anyone who is an avid cyclist knows that the riding gear they invest in is worth a lot more than just what it looks like. This gear is what protects you from the elements when in the midst of a steep climb in the sunshine, or riding downhill in the rain. It’s important that every amateur and professional cyclist is equipped with nothing but the best activewear to ensure the most enjoyable cycling experience. Here, we’ll take a look at 11 brands that tout some of the best cycling apparel money can buy.



Bernard touts kits that are so popular, they’re likely to sell out whenever a new look is debuted. With unique graphic designs and expertly crafted fits, this brand is one that will get you noticed on any course.



This company is based out of Melbourne, Australia and features very high quality and ultra modern designs. Jaggard has perfected their cycling apparel to be fit for both amatuers and pros, and even has a juniors collection to start the cycling fever early.



Assos has enjoyed tremendous success with impressive statistics: over 250 Olympic gold medals have been awarded to athletes donning the brand. This line will have you looking and riding like a pro.


Black Sheep Cycling

In a nutshell, this is the line of apparel you’ll want to buy if you want to get noticed. Their flashy designs and unique kits make Black Sheep Cycling a stand-out brand not to be missed.



If you’re looking for a brand that has it all, look no further than Rapha. A highly popular UK line, you’ll receive high quality gear and accessories from skincare products made especially for cyclers to lightweight and comfortable bib shorts.


Pearl Izumi

With a successful line for both men and women, Pearl Izumi has excellent basics that any cyclist would be happy to have in their arsenal of apparel. Aside from being a great brand, this company also has a great history that keeps customers returning.



While ROKA may be best known for their protective eyewear, the featured pro collection for cyclists has enjoyed 5 star reviews. Their beautiful designs and kits will make you feel sleek and professional, and unique items such as these thermal arm warmers for women are a must-purchase.


Cafe du Cycliste

This cycling line also features both a men’s and women’s section. With products designed to withstand wind and long rides, fans of the brand can also enjoy a more casual appearance with high performance standards.


Lone Wolf

If you’re looking for something to keep your head warm while you ride, Lone Wolf is the brand for you. With popular designs that are frequent to sell out, these casual caps can get you through every season mother nature throws at you.



Some of the most eye-popping designs come from Babici’s line, featuring colorful Japanese culture-inspired jerseys for both men and women. This line is for riders who love to stand out and look flashy while speeding past the competition.