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Thorsten Hagemann Popular Cycling Gear For Women

Popular Cycling Gear For Women

Biking is not just a man’s sport. In fact, there’s a whole community of female cyclists dominating within the sport. When it comes to cycling gear, there’s a whole community of brands that perfect clothing for these female athletes as well. From bold colors to comfort-first clothing, the gear featured below is some of the […]

Cycling Spotlight- Chris Froome

Cycling Spotlight: Chris Froome

Chris Froome has overcome many obstacles to reach the success and fame he has today. A three-time winner of the Tour de France, this Great Brittain rider currently rides for Team Sky as one of the team’s most integral members. Chris Froome has a unique origin, having been born in Kenya and traveling the world […]

Top Cycling Podcasts

Top Cycling Podcasts

If you’re truly passionate about biking, love for the sport doesn’t stop after going out for a ride. If you’re looking to stay plugged in to cycling news while stuck in the office or looking for some informative background news at home while relaxing, choosing a cycling-based podcast can elevate your day. Since podcasts are […]

Cycling Spotlight Series-Tom Boonen

Cycling Spotlight Series: Tom Boonen

As I continue my spotlight series on prominent cyclists in the sporting industry, the next athlete to focus on seemed like an obvious choice. Recently announcing his retirement after 16 years of pro cycling, Tom Boonen has defined what it means to be a professional. Boonen had his final race in April of this year […]

Buying Your First Bike

Buying Your First Bike

Buying a bike is like buying a glove – everything has to fit comfortably as if it was tailor made for you. Whether this bike is just for a leisurely Sunday morning ride, or you’re looking to go off-roading, it’s important to purchase the right vehicle for your specific needs. With various types, models, and […]

Cycling Spotlight Series: Peter Sagan

Cycling Spotlight Series: Peter Sagan

Over the next few months, I’ll be spotlighting a few prominent cyclists in the hopes that their work may inspire those who share the same passion for the sport as I possess. With the amount of outstanding athletes in the cycling world, the list of who to spotlight will surely continue to grow and become […]

11 Cycling Apparel Brands You’ll Want to Ride In

11 Cycling Apparel Brands You’ll Want to Ride In

Anyone who is an avid cyclist knows that the riding gear they invest in is worth a lot more than just what it looks like. This gear is what protects you from the elements when in the midst of a steep climb in the sunshine, or riding downhill in the rain. It’s important that every […]

5 of the Hardest Cycling CoursesIn the World

5 of the Hardest Cycling Courses in the World

In the world of cycling, extreme is a word that can be often used when describing any number of races. Extreme climbs lead to extreme downhill racing, which requires extreme strength and, of course, extreme focus. Some of the most famous races in the world can last up to three weeks’ time, which requires extreme […]