Chris Froome has overcome many obstacles to reach the success and fame he has today. A three-time winner of the Tour de France, this Great Brittain rider currently rides for Team Sky as one of the team’s most integral members. Chris Froome has a unique origin, having been born in Kenya and traveling the world for his sport. A true athletic champion, Chris Froome has enjoyed many wins in his 10 years of professional cycling, and is considered one of the greatest stage racing riders of our time. He was a clear choice for my next cycling spotlight series, and it is my hope that you come to admire this athlete’s story and accomplishments as I have.


Career Awards

Froome excelled easily in cycling, showcasing his talents as a frequent stage winner in nearly every race he competed in. His earliest professional victories include a stage six win in the 2007 Tour of Japan, as well as a second and first place victory in stages three and five, respectively, in the Giro delle Regione. In 2008, Froome continued to be a threat to the competition as he participated in such pro races as the Giro del Capo. where he finished second overall and the Giro dell’Appennino, in which he finished third. Looking ahead to 2010, Froome had an extraordinary showing at the British National Time Trial Championships, clenching a second place finish in the highly competitive race.


Over the next few years, Froome enjoyed several first, second, and third place finishes in various stages of professional races throughout the world. However, it was in 2012 when Froome seemed to truly hit his stride. Not only did he place second overall in the Tour de France at the age of 27, he also won Bronze at the London Olympics Individual TT. This accomplishment sparked a slew of first place finishes for Froome over the next several seasons. These wins include first overall at the 2013 Tour of Oman, Criterium International, Tour de Romandie, Criterium du Dauphine, and the heaviest win of all, the Tour de France. Froome went on to win the Tour de France again in 2015, and place first in stage 8 of the Tour de France in 2016.


From 2014 to present day, Froome has collected 8 more first place standings, including another win at the 2014 Tour de Romandie, the Tour of Oman, the 2015 Vuelta a Andalucia and Criterium du Dauphine, and a third win of the 2016 Criterium du Dauphine.



Chris Froome was born in Kenya in 1985 to British parents. His family life struggled after his parents divorced and their family business started to decline. Froome’s brothers were sent to Rugby boarding school where they studied in Warwickshire, England. This left Froome living alone with his mother in Africa, as she worked to help support their family.


After attending a street fair at a young age, Froome was introduced to cycling and soon began practicing the sport, even becoming captain of his Kenyan cycling team. Despite the color of his skin being different from those surrounding him, Froome connected with his teammates and learned several local languages in order to keep racing. It was clear that his love of racing would one day fuel his career, however, he went on to attend one of South Africa’s top boarding schools and began studying economics at Johannesburg University for two years before dropping out to pursue cycling. He was 22 when he rode his first professional race with his team in South Africa.


In 2009, Froome was diagnosed with Bilharzia, a parasitic disease usually contracted through infected water. Unfortunately, the disease has affected Froome regularly, at times, leaving the powerhouse rider as what he describes as, “lifeless.


Froome is happily married to his wife Michelle, having tied the knot in 2014. They currently live in Monaco with their son, Kellan.


Moving Ahead

Although he has often stated that he immense love and appreciation for his unique upbringing as both an African and British citizen, he has seen that his ties to multiple countries has perhaps overshadowed his mark in British cycling history. His love for the sport, however, far outweighs this concern, as he continues to praise the sport for having given him the best opportunities that life has to offer.