Biking is not just a man’s sport. In fact, there’s a whole community of female cyclists dominating within the sport. When it comes to cycling gear, there’s a whole community of brands that perfect clothing for these female athletes as well. From bold colors to comfort-first clothing, the gear featured below is some of the most sought after in the business, and there is truly something for every style and taste.


Primal Women’s Bold Jersey

Thorsten Hagemann Primal Women's Bold Jersey

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This bold and colorful jersey from Primal has been in high demand for years. In 2015, it was actually featured on as one of the top jerseys of the year! Designed for the more casual rider, the jersey is made with a light feeling SpeedPro fabric, giving it a great performance capability.


Giro Women’s Chrono Sport Halter Bib Shorts

Thorsten Hagemann Giro Women's Chrono Sport Halter Bib Shorts

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The importance of having a comfortable suit is great – especially when it comes to shorts. Because cycling involves a lot of wear and tear on the lower half of the body, comfort can make all the difference. Many cycling sites have noted that the bib over waist shorts combo is the best fit for women, and that they give women the best performance rate. This halter bib shorts combo from Giro’s Women’s Chrono Sport line gives amazing support while still using fabric that is light and comfortable.


Pearl Izumi Women’s Elite WxB Jacket

Thorsten Hagemann Pearl Izumi Elite

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Pearl Izumi is no stranger to the-best-of-women’s-gear conversation. With innovative tech woven into their outfits, and bold and interesting designs, Pearl Izumi has been a hit with female cycler’s for years. This jack in particular, the ELITE WxB Jacket, is expertly crafted to withstand any rainy weather that a cyclist can face. Now you don’t have to dress like it’s a rainy day even if the course is getting soaked.


Giro Factress Techlace Shoes


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You can’t bike too far without a great pair of shoes, and Giro, once again, does not disappoint. Featured earlier for their bib and shorts combo, Giro takes style and comfort to the next level with this performance-ready shoes. While this gear will set you back a pretty penny (these shoes in particular are sold for about $350 a pair!), the results will be well worth it. According to, these shoes are so comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re just wearing a second pair of socks.


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