If you’re truly passionate about biking, love for the sport doesn’t stop after going out for a ride. If you’re looking to stay plugged in to cycling news while stuck in the office or looking for some informative background news at home while relaxing, choosing a cycling-based podcast can elevate your day. Since podcasts are easily accessible and only require your ears to indulge, you can take your cycling interests with you everywhere you go. I highly suggest the podcasts listed below to stay up to date on the culture of cycling. Even if you’re new to cycling, there are podcasts for beginners as well. From the top spots on iTunes, to personal favorites, these are the podcasts to follow in 2017.


Cycling 360

An informative and comprehensive podcast, the Cycling 360 podcast covers topics such as, “Cycling Without Stress,” and “Foot Pain and Cycling,” to give listeners real advice for the road.


The Cycling News

This world-wide-reaching podcast covers everything about professional cycling. The Cycling News podcast was created by the world center of cycling, and often features interviews with high profile cyclists.


Ask a Cycling Coach – TrainerRoad Podcast

This podcast is extremely popular since it gives listeners the chance to have Q & A’s with some of Cycling’s top coaches. Perfect for anyone training for a triathalon or looking for new techniques, TrainerRoad has enjoyed great success by reaching out to listeners and connecting them with professionals.


The Slow Ride Podcast: Bikes. Advice. Cycling.

The Slow Ride Podcast is a fun show that touts their content as, “an unscripted conversation.” There is no topic too big or small for this show and its hosts, Matt Allen, Spencer Haugh, and Tim Hayes, all avid cyclists.


Women Talk Bikes

Men aren’t the only ones enjoying the cycling podcast world. Women Talk Bikes details the world of women who ride, offers advice, has spearheaded social rides for women, and features interviews from top cyclists.



The Zwiftcast podcast is a way to connect fans even further to the mega-brand Zwift, an indoor cycling community that provides a workout and a social connection to other riders all from the comfort of your own home.


The Bike Show

Itunes describes The Bike Show as a podcast devoted to the art, science, politics and transcendental pleasure of cycling, in London and beyond.” This podcast should be at the top of the list for any cycling enthusiast.


The Briefing

The Briefing melds together the highlights from The Velocast and This Week in Cycling History podcasts to give listeners a shortened version of the popular podcasts to listeners who can’t devote time to the entire podcasts, and are published every Monday.